Design Journal

Union Jack Flag painted mannequin

How To: Paint a Union Jack Flag on a Mannequin

 Feeling a little crafty and ready for a challenge?  This Union Jack flag mannequin is the perfect DIY for you.  Bound to be a statement piece and ...
Cast concrete classic round urn

How To Create A French Country-Inspired Garden

As summer starts to slowly creep in it's time to unearth our backyards and claim our outdoor spaces.  We have the perfect collection of outdoor pottery, benches, and fountains to fill your space.
Faux bois mushroom with moss

Spring Style

   Hello lovelies and hello spring!  We hope everyone's year started off great.  It's been a while since we've talked.  We just wanted to pop in...
Holiday place setting ideas with fancy plates, wine glass, coaster, holly and pine spring, and an interactive place mat

How to Set an Uncommon Style Place Setting!

Happy Thanksgiving!           With the holidays fast approaching we decided to create a few great and easy ideas on how to set the perfect place s...
Book filled with knobs with jewelry hanging on them.

Wall Decor Book Jewelry Holder

If you can't tell, we're a bit book obsessed when it comes to DIYs.  We have a library full of them and you can do some of the neatest things wit...
Finished look of succulents in vintage ammo box.

Check out this Interesting Take on a Succulent Garden!

 We are suckers for anything to do with succulents.  So, when we were thinking and researching ideas for our next blog post, we came across miniat...
Vintage inspired necklaces that you can create yourself.

How to make a one of a kind Necklace!

If you're like us then you probably have memorabilia and pendants lying around that you aren't quite sure what to do with. Well, here is a great t...
Finished DIY of paper covering dresser drawer with white pumpkins sitting on top of and on the side of the drawer.

How to turn a blah Dresser into "Hello, Good Looking"!

  Do you have a boring old dresser (maybe an inexpensive one from Ikea or a hand me down several years old)?  Maybe you even have a desk or a nigh...
how to use book backs to create a visually appealing gallery wall

Creative Ways to Use Old Books

When fall comes around it seems every year we get into the mood to be creative. Maybe it's the cooler temperatures or the beautiful view of trees c...