Check out this Interesting Take on a Succulent Garden!

 We are suckers for anything to do with succulents.  So, when we were thinking and researching ideas for our next blog post, we came across miniature gardens we knew we had to do something.  We looked around the store for something different to use and stumbled across an old ammo box.  Perfect!  The soft lines of the succulents accent nicely along with the hard lines of the ammo box.


This is what you need to get started:
(1) Ammo Box
(1) Roll of 1/16" thick wire
(1) Wire cutter
(4 -5) Succulents. Make sure they are all the same light and water tolerant.
(1) Bag of Soil
(1) Bag of Medium Size Rocks
(1) Bag of Small Pebbles



Next, if you want to be able to hang the planter, you need to figure out the best way to do this.  Fortunately, the ammo box we used had the perfect spot on the back.  We used the existing slots for hanging.  All you need is thick wire and wire cutters.  First, string one end into the open slot and measure how long it needs to be.  


With your wire cutters cut the wire.  Make sure it is long enough for it to bend back on itself.  


You want to make sure the wire is tight on the back so it doesn't show when you hang the box. Twist the wire onto itself. Do this several times to ensure it will be stable for hanging. This will make it tight as well.


Now it's time to start filling the box!  Line the bottom of the box with some medium size rocks.  This will help with drainage and ensure that the plants are not waterlogged.  Using the medium size rocks instead of small pebbles will also help with the water draining.


Continue filling with the rocks until they've reached about an inch or two from the bottom.


Now it's time to get your hands dirty.  It's time for the soil!  Slowly begin to fill the ammo box with the dirt.  You want to make sure to press it down as you go so it doesn't shift down when you have the plants in.


Continue filling it with dirt until you have about an inch left from the top.  This will allow you room to insert the plants.  Before planting put the plants (still in their containers) on top of the soil.  This way you can move them around and figure out the layout you want before committing. 


Pull the first one out of the pot and with your hands break up the soil around it so the roots show.  Insert it into the soil and add more dirt around the plant.


Keep going until all the plants are in the ammo box.  After they are all in now is a good time to water the plants.  It's best to do this now that way if anything sinks down you can easily add more dirt.


Now it's time for the finishing touch!  By adding small pebbles to the top of the dirt it creates a "yes, I do know what I'm doing, just call me Master Gardener" look.


Go slow with these and make sure to cover every bit of the soil. Once done you now have permission to pat yourself on the back!  Look at what you made!  


And yes, it does actually hang on the wall!  So cute!  If you like this idea feel free to share it with your friends.  We also would love to know what's the craziest thing you've planted in.  Any comments and love please send our way!

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