Wall Decor Book Jewelry Holder

If you can't tell, we're a bit book obsessed when it comes to DIYs.  We have a library full of them and you can do some of the neatest things with books.  For instance, check out this neat DIY.  Bet you didn't know you could turn a book into a jewelry holder!
All you need are a few things.  Some, if not most, you might even have lying around the house.  Make sure you find a book you don't mind drilling into.  Also, get an assortment of knobs.  Most of the ones we had could easily be screwed into the book.  And make sure you use a drill.  Trust us on this one.  It'll make your life so much easier!
The first step is to decide what knobs you're going to use.  Make sure they are deep enough to support a necklace.  Once you've decided, position them onto your book so you can get an idea of what kind of layout you want.  We opted for 2 on top for bracelets and rings and 3 on bottom for necklaces.
Now it's time to start applying your knobs to the book.  Using your drill and small drill bit, drill a small hole into the book.  Make sure you press down on the book so the drill bit will drill down into the book.  After you have your hole ready, screw in the knob making sure it is on tight.
The next knob we used didn't have a screw to use to attach it to the book.  So we used our heavy duty glue to attach it instead.  Just apply a small amount to the backside of it and press it firmly to the book.  
 Continue to apply all of the knobs on the book.  Once done, let it sit for a couple of hours before turning it over to attach the hook to use for wall hanging.
To make this accessible to hang on the wall all you need are two simple things: a hanging ring or picture hanger and a drill.
If you can open your book up do so.  It'll give you an easier surface to screw the hanging ring into.  Press firmly onto the back of the book while you drill the hanging ring into the back cover.  Make sure it is on tight and secure.
Once you hang it on the wall you'll notice that the book will hang open.  To prevent this we simply tied a pretty ribbon around the book.  It added a pretty contrast to the brown of the book while also serving a purpose.  
Pro tip: Make sure to let the knobs dry overnight before hanging jewelry on it.  You don't want your jewelry to get stuck to the knobs that are glued on. ; )
We LOVE how versatile this DIY is.  We even created another one that sits horizontally.  It can hang on the wall too or even sit on a dresser.  Perfect for bracelets or rings!
If you make one let us know!  Use #uncommonmarketcreates on Social Media for us to see!  We'd love to see what you come up with.  :)

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