How to turn a blah Dresser into "Hello, Good Looking"!

Box transfer with paper


Do you have a boring old dresser (maybe an inexpensive one from Ikea or a hand me down several years old)?  Maybe you even have a desk or a nightstand that needs some spiffing up.  Well, this tutorial is meant for you!  You can easily transform a boring old drawer into something that catches your eye while doing ordinary tasks.  How fun would it be to put clothes away when every time you open your drawer something pretty catches your eye?  


This transformation is pretty easy to do.  All you need is an old book that you don't mind tearing apart (make sure it's something you would want to see/read), Mod Podge in matte finish, a sponge brush (something inexpensive because you will be throwing it away once done), a paper plate, and of course a drawer(s). 

Really, the first step is making sure the drawer is cleaned from all dust and dirt.  If it has a smooth finish give it a light sanding to ensure the paper will adhere.

 After that tear out about 10-15 sheets of paper from your book and with your hands tear them into small pieces of paper.  Make sure they are all about the same size.

Pour a small amount of glue onto your plate.  This makes it a bit easier to use.  To begin adhering the paper on to the drawer put a light coat of the glue onto the drawer.  Next, choose your piece of paper and put it on top and follow with another coat of glue until the paper is nice and coated.  Smooth out any edges or bubbles with your brush.  

Continue this process until the side of the drawer is covered with paper.  

Once you have your side done you can step back and add more pieces on top depending on the look you are going for. Then when the side is done flip it on its back and continue the process inside the drawer.  

Make sure the side that is decoupaged is dry before you flip it on that side to complete the other side of the drawer.  Once all the sides are covered let it dry before attempting to use it.  You can usually tell once the glue dries clear and also by lightly touching to see if it is still tacky.

TADAH!  Such an easy project and total game changer when it comes to decorating.  We love how our little drawer came out!  So cute and perfect for fall decorating.  You can definitely make this your own by using wallpaper, old photos or letters, and even contact paper.  We'd love to see what you come up with.  Let us know in the comments!

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