How to Set an Uncommon Style Place Setting!

Happy Thanksgiving!
With the holidays fast approaching we decided to create a few great and easy ideas on how to set the perfect place setting.
For the first place setting, we went the more traditional route with a fun place card holder. By using a festive runner as a placemat it helps decorate the table while also anchoring the place setting. We added a fun name placeholder for a touch of whimsy. Using a decorative souvenir brings a touch of the hostess to the table.

We created a fun video of how we put it together below. Check it out! 
For the second place setting, we went fairly simple and added a nice pop of holiday spirit with a sprig of red berries. We also decided to use a fun trinket as a name placeholder. Who doesn't love a trophy as a take-home gift?

Check out the video we created of it below!
The third place setting is by far one of our favorites.  Using a piece of craft paper we created a place setting that is interactive.  Guests can go around before dinner begins and write on each placemat what they are most thankful for that person.  This really gets everyone in the thankful spirit.  We also had our name place setting serve a double purpose as a gift + name holder.                                                                    
The video is below!
Hopefully, this can give you some great ideas for different ways you can set your own holiday table!  All of the dishes, trinkets, wine glasses, and coasters can be found for sale at our store! If you have any tips and tricks or neat ideas let us know in the comments.  Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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