Tips for Creating Great Gallery Walls!

Hellllooo and HAPPY WEEKEND! Here's to great Saturday plans. Hopefully, your plan has Uncommon Market in it too?! We'd love to see you, so come visit! In the meantime, check out this great post about all things wall decor.

Gallery walls are a great way to be creative and show off your style.  For a lot of people though even thinking about a gallery wall can be intimidating. Where do you start? What should you hang? How much is too much? Well, we're here to lend a hand!

The easiest way to start a gallery wall is to gather together a bunch of family photos.  Almost everyone has photos hanging around.  The way to make this look great is to use the same color throughout. This works well here because of the monotoned prints that were used along with the gold prints.  Depending on your style of home you may prefer this more symmetrical style. This grid styled photo wall is great for a more traditional style home.

We love how the clean lines, the gold frames, and the grid all complement each other. It creates a statement without really showing off.

If symmetrical isn't really your style then check this look out.

Using the same style frames a unified look was created while still displaying them asymmetrical. We love how they created a room within a room by showcasing them in the corner to create the separation. This would be great to do if you have an open concept house and would like to show separation of spaces.

 Maybe using the same style frame isn't for you?  Well, you can easily create a collage with various frames in either the same color or complementing colors.  Maybe you don't want to just hang photos.  You can add family heirlooms or artwork that has special memories.  Also add some industrial type pieces for some added definition.

We love this style gallery wall.  There is a great mix of artwork, prints, photos, home decor, and memorabilia.  The mix of natural and white frames works really well together.  Everything in the same color scheme, including the prints in the frames, creates a nice completed look.

Of course, now you're asking how in the world will I ever get these hung correctly? Best way to do this is to use a laser level. If you don't want to spend the money on one you can use craft paper as a guide too.  Using craft paper, you can cut out samples of the sizes of the frames and hang them on the wall to get an idea of where you want everything placed. Use blue painters tape to for adhering to the wall.  This way you don't mess up your paint!  

Maybe you don't want to or can't put holes in the walls. Check out these neat ideas of ways to create gallery walls without as many holes.

This is a really cool look.  All you need are shelves and you can add as many photos as you want on it.  And it is easy to change out what you want to display too. 

Maybe you like more of a bohemian style gallery wall.  Incorporate soft textures and items along with your photos to create this type of design.  We also love the idea of hanging these on a string for a more natural look.  

If you love more of a layered look check out this neat idea.  To create added depth to a filled bookshelf simply add art to the front of it.  We love how this looks in our own library!

As you can tell there are so many ways to display on a gallery wall.  The best tip though is to let your personality shine through it.  There really isn't a right or wrong way either.  Have fun with it and get creative.  We'd love to see your take on a gallery wall!  Use the #uncommonmarketcreates to show us your wall!

Please note:  All of the photos were found on Pinterest.  The last one is ours. 


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