How to Easily Incorporate Antiques into any Home Decor!

Hello, lovely FRIENDS and Happy Saturday!! Instead of a craft this weekend we are going to talk about how to incorporate antiques into your home decor. Adding a mix of the old with the new can sometimes be intimidating so we are here to lend a hand! 

Here we go!  First off you want to decide what kind of style of home you have and what you're attracted too. If you're unsure, take a walk around some of your local antique stores and flea markets and take note of what you like. There are so many styles out there that you can easily mix and match different styles.

To begin incorporating antiques our advice is to start small.  Here are some great small things you can add to your decor.



 Add a stack of Antique Leather Bound Books to your decor. Easily stack them on a coffee table. They even look great sitting stacked on an end table with a small plant sitting on top. Or use them to fill up a bookshelf.


Or if books aren't quite your thing then how about a vintage basket? These are great multi-use items. They look great while adding storage and functionality. Easily fill them with magazines, towels, a catch-all for coming in the door, a mail holder, toy chest, etc.  The list could go on forever!  You could even hang this particular crate on the wall as a shelf. 



An interesting way to add a unique spin to your wall decor by using antiques is by hanging a collection of European Roe Antlers.  It's an easy way to add a touch of masculinity to your decor while still staying vintage.  If you aren't fond of the natural look of these you can easily spray paint them white or black or any color that fits your style.



 We love the simplicity of just hanging one among a collection of art.  It adds just the perfect touch.  The roe deer tones down the pink hues and adds just the right texture to a delicate space. 



Now if you really want to start small and keep it low key then the perfect thing to incorporate would be small glass bottles. They come in an array of sizes and styles. If you're a Dr. Pepper or Coca-Cola fan you could collect their vintage glass bottles and use them as soap dispensers or flower vases. If you want something more simple or maybe even European then these small bottles would be perfect.  Great for storage, soap, flowers, etc.  These would look great filled with anything!



We even love these Vintage Rex Europa Bottles.  They would look great used at a wedding as table decor filled with flowers.  Or use them in your home as a cute little flower vase.



You can even incorporate antiques by changing the hardware of your dresser.  We have a large selection of vintage drawer pulls and drawer knobs in store.  It's an easy way to spruce up the look of an old piece of furniture without spending a fortune.  We love the look of how this is painted too!  It gives life to an antique.

This is just a small look of how you can incorporate antiques into your home.  You can start small by adding little pieces here and there and gradually work up to adding in large pieces of furniture or architectural pieces.  Do you have an idea of how to use antiques in your home?  If so, let us know.  We would love to hear from YOU. YES, YOU!  Hope to hear from you soon.  See you next Saturday!


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