Resin Crest on Wood Plaque
Close up of Resin Crest on Wood Plaque
Back of Wood Plaque with Resin Crest

Resin Crest on Wood Plaque

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This beautiful resin crest symbolizes Quality and Elegance. It's painted in reds, blues, golds, and greys.  This crest has a knight helmet crown with a bird as a plume on top.  Instead of traditional swords, there is a pair of scissors instead.  The words on the bottom "Qualitas et Elegantia" mean Quality and Elegance. 

It's a small plaque and would look great mixed in a gallery wall.  Size of the plaque is 9 3/4" L x 8 1/8" W x 1" D.  If you need more info or pictures, please message us.  We will be happy to assist you!