Sneak Peak of Garden Container + Ways to Spruce up Your Outdoor Space

In the lovely state of Texas, summer comes in full force by May and lasts till October.  It's the perfect season to be outside by the pool and grill.  Right now is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space.  We are receiving a container of garden urns, statues, and plinths in this next week.  Keep a check on social media to know when it arrives!  Take a peek below to see some of the items coming. :)

Sneak Peak of Garden Shipment

 This is just a small taste of what will be coming in the container.  Look below for ideas on how to incorporate some of these containers into your outdoor space.

Harlequin Garden Urn with inspiration from the Dallas arboretum

This beautiful urn is just one of many coming.  With the large size of this urn, we feel it looks best with a large shrub in it. We recently spotted one that looks very similar at the Dallas Arboretum.   It makes such a stunning display with a boxwood shrub in it.  This particular urn would look beautiful flanking an entrance to a patio or porch.  You could even space them around an area to act as a border. 

More inspiration from the Dallas arboretum on how to decorate your own garden


Classical Round Fluted Urn with inspiration from the Dallas Arboretum

Take a look at this beauty!  With a narrow profile and fluted top, this container looks beautiful with a layered floral arrangement that has height to it. This similar one we found at the Arboretum is simply stunning.  So gorgeous!  Cue all the heart eyes.

Contemporary Urn turned succulent garden container

We are so in love with this particular urn.  The clean lines lend it to a more contemporary style and we are just dying to see it turned into a fountain.  It would even look fabulous as a succulent garden.


Custom made armillary on cast concrete stand

Maybe an urn is not quite what you're needing.  This Armillary makes for a stunning outdoor sculpture.  Crafted by us in-house, it's made of iron and concrete and it is meant to withstand the Texas summer.  It looks fabulous as a statue in a flower bed and will really elevate your curb appeal.

There are so many great pieces coming in this shipment it's hard to choose a favorite.  These shown here definitely take center stage in our book.  Keep a lookout on Instagram and Facebook for its arrival.  Hope to see you in the store real soon! 

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